Full Field Study & Master Development Plan Preparation for Dalpari Oil Field

In this project a full field study of  Dalpari oil field was carried out. In this field 4 wells have been drilled whereas 2 wells are productive. The productive layer in this field is Bangestan reservoir which due to the appropriate fractures development; it is one of the infrequent reservoirs of Bangestan with high interest rate as the production of each well is approximately 8,000 barrels per day.

Main project tasks were:

         i.            Seismic data review

        ii.            Petrophysical data reinterpretations

      iii.            Well test data analysis

      iv.            Basic reservoir engineering

       v.            Geological static and dynamic models

      vi.            IOR/EOR Studying

    vii.            Well modeling

   viii.            Production and surface facilities selection

      ix.            Master development plan preparation

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