Supervision of MIS oil Field Development Project (Buy-Back Project)

Increasing production to 20,000 BPD of MIS as oldest Iranian oil field was one the main aims of NIOC in 2006. PEDEC on behalf of NIOC was deliver MIS to CNPCI as buy-back contractor and Supervision of this project was assigned to IPAC in Aug 2007.

The subjects of this contract were MC and supervision services of following EPC and EPD activities:

           i.            Construction of crude production, gathering, separation, desalination, stabilization and sweetening facilities, oil export and sweet gas import pipelines and gas gathering and compression unit.

          ii.            Drilling and completion of 12 horizontal oil producing wells

        iii.            Drilling and completion of 3 vertical oil producing wells

        iv.            Drilling and completion of 2 waste water disposal wells

         v.            Updating of master reservoir studying

        vi.            Construction of HV power sub-station and transmission lines

      vii.            Construction of project required utilities.

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